Family of Thomas EPWORTH and Elizabeth ATKINSON

Husband: Thomas EPWORTH ( -1697)
Wife: Elizabeth ATKINSON ( - )
Children: Thomas EPWORTH (bap.1676)
William EPWORTH (1683- )
Marriage 14 Apr 16731

Husband: Thomas EPWORTH

Name: Thomas EPWORTH1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Residence 1688 Mirfield, Yorks, England
Family in residence at Mirfield by that date.
Death Dec 16971

Wife: Elizabeth ATKINSON

Name: Elizabeth ATKINSON1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Residence 1697 Misson, Nottinghamshire, England
Returned after husband's death

Child 1: Thomas EPWORTH

Name: Thomas EPWORTH1
Sex: Male
Nickname: Thomas Hepworth
Baptism 8 May 1676

Child 2: William EPWORTH

Name: William EPWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Bridget BROADHEAD ( -1751)
Birth frm 1 Jan 1683 to 14 Oct 1683
Christening 14 Oct 1683 (as a child) Misson, Nottinghamshire, England
Occupation 1713 (age 29-30) Labourer in Marriage cert

Note on Marriage

of Lound?

Note on Husband: Thomas EPWORTH (1)

of Misson, Nottinghamshire, England. Relative Joseph Hepworth attended 3 babtisms of a William,

Note on Husband: Thomas EPWORTH (2)

Monica's notes dated "May 19, 1996, copy of letter sent to Family Search". Note Text: "Family Moved to Mirfield, West Yorks, England by 1688 where Thomas had a weaving business. "He died 5th October 1697, & his family returned to Misson. Records show Joseph Hepworth with the family at Mirfield. Birth & birthplace of Thomas. Also the relationship of Joseph & any family records of him". "In the 16th & 17th Century the family name in Lincolnshire was always Epworth. As they spread through Nottinghamshire they were often recorded HEpworth, then in Yorkshire, nearly always HEpworth. They were usually farmers. Both names now appear to be all one family". Not sure if this refers to Thomas ( - Dec 1697) or his son Thomas.


1"From Monica Nicholson". Text From Source: Date of Import: 11 Jan 2003