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Family of John EPWORTH and 1st wife UNKNOWN

Husband: John EPWORTH (1714-1781)
Wife: 1st wife UNKNOWN ( - )
Children: William EPWORTH (bap.aft1731, bur.1805)
Marriage 17301

Husband: John EPWORTH


John EPWORTH, 1744, age 30, John son of William Epworth Apprenticed in 1744 from list 1763 to 1774

Name: John EPWORTH1
Sex: Male
Father: William EPWORTH (1683- )
Mother: Bridget BROADHEAD ( -1751)
Birth 31 Aug 1714 Morthen, Rotherham, Yorkshire West Riding, England
Baptism 19 Sep 1714 (age 0)
Occupation Farmer
Death 31 Aug 1781 (age 67) Wales, Yorkshire, England1
Monica Ref. A3

Wife: 1st wife UNKNOWN

Name: 1st wife UNKNOWN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Own Ref: A4
Own Ref: 1st Wife (of John Epworth)

Child 1: William EPWORTH


Spouse: Gillian?, name unclear Wife William Epworth

Name: William EPWORTH1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gillian? ( -1805?)
Birth "2 January 1732/1733"1
Baptism btw 2 Jan 1731 and 2 Jan 1733 Morthen, Rotherham, Yorkshire West Riding, England
Burial 1805 Owston, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Not sure
Aug ?
Own Ref: A7

Note on Husband: John EPWORTH (1)

"Joseph" in Exercise book, Monica said "John"

Note on Husband: John EPWORTH (2)

Possible Apprentice "17/114 1744 Epworth Jn s of Wm of Thriburgh Yks to Jn Frame of Doncaster bu £8 8/"

Note on Wife: 1st wife UNKNOWN - shared note

Monica Epworth has more information, I couldn't read her notes.



1"From Monica Nicholson". Text From Source: Date of Import: 11 Jan 2003