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Family of John EPWORTH and Ann UNKNOWN

Husband: John EPWORTH (1777-1832?)
Wife: Ann UNKNOWN (c. 1781- )

Husband: John EPWORTH

Name: John EPWORTH1
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph EPWORTH (1749-1798)
Mother: Ann Hobson (1753-1822)
Birth 22 Jun 17771
Baptism 25 Jul 1777 (age 0)
Death Apr 1832 (est) (age 54)
Burial 20 Apr 1832 (age 54) Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding, England
Sheffield St. Peter & St. Paul (Cathedral)
Burial guessed from NBI
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 65) Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding, England2
Pea Croft, now Solly Street, terminating at the junction of Tenter Street and West Bar. In 1851 OS map Pea Croft is located as the eastward extension of Solly Street, terminating at the junction of Tenter Street and West Bar Green.
The Crofts area of Sheffield in the mid to late nineteenth century was a grim area to say the least as explained in the following article Victorian Housing in Sheffield. See "The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes, Explorations in Slumland" (ISBN: 0521779758 / 0-521-77975-8)
Edited by Mayne, Alan Edited by Murray, Tim
Occupation 6 Jun 1841 (age 63) Cutler; Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding, England2
Own Ref: A20


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1781
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 60) Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding, England2

Note on Husband: John EPWORTH (1) - shared note

Epworth Cutlers: There have been several cutlers in my Epworth family since the late 1700s, starting with my Great Great Grandfather Joseph Epworth 1784-1860, and all living in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. I am a blood relative of the following Epworth Cutlers:

Joseph Epworth 1784-1860 Cutlers Apprentice in 1798, probably the first, as his father was a Yeoman

John Epworth 1777-? Cutler

Joseph Epworth 1815-1883 Spring Knife Cutler (may have been the J of JT Epworth& Sons)

Thomas Epworth 1826-1899 Cutler (may have been the T of JT Epworth& Sons)

Samuel Hobson Epworth 1808-1886 Spring Knife Cutler

Mary Ann Hobson Epworth 1817-1899

Thomas Epworth 1860-? Pen Knife Cutler

Joseph Epworth 1855-1907 Cutler

William Edward Epworth 1917 1974 Cutler


Richard Epworth 1945-........


My grandfather (Joseph Tom Epworth) had never been a cutler, though he may have been intended to follow in his fathers footsteps (Joseph Epworth 1855-1907), rather than becoming a clerk and a businessman (hosiery). He helped his son William E Epworth set up a cutlery business.

Note on Husband: John EPWORTH (2)

Burial guessed rom NBI as April 20 1832, Sheffield St Peter & St Paul


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