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Family of Charlie DAVY and Elizabeth EASTO

Husband: Charlie DAVY ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth EASTO (1893- )

Husband: Charlie DAVY

Name: Charlie DAVY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Elizabeth EASTO

Name: Elizabeth EASTO
Sex: Female
Nickname: Lizzie
Father: Charles EASTO (1872- )
Mother: Annie ADLINGTON (1874- )
Birth 1893
Residence Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding, England
505 Herries Road, Shirecliffe
From Letter

Note on Wife: Elizabeth EASTO

From a letter, it seems that she married Charlie Davy! She refers to Ida, Clara, and Ivy and writes from 505 Herries Road and I take it that Sherecliffe is a neighbourhood in Sheffield