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Family of John Henry SHEEL and Sarah Galillee NEWALL

Husband: John Henry SHEEL (1865- )
Wife: Sarah Galillee NEWALL (1862-1946)
Children: Thomas Frederick SHEEL ( - )
Henry John SHEEL ( - )
Florence SHEEL ( -c. 1988)
Bessie SHEEL (1891-1941)
Edward SHEEL ( - )
Peter SHEEL (1895- )
William SHEEL ( - )
Sarah SHEEL ( - )
Marriage 5 Oct 1884 St. Augustines's Church in the Parish of St. Augustine Everton in the County of Lancaster1,2

Husband: John Henry SHEEL

Name: John Henry SHEEL3,4
Sex: Male
Father: John Foster SHEEL (1839- )
Mother: Margaret WELTON (1841- )
Birth 10 Apr 1865 Westgate Hill, Westgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland5,6
Residence 3 Apr 1881 (age 15) 4 Towson Street, Everton, Lancashire7
Residence 5 Oct 1884 (age 19) 8 6 ? Everton1
Occupation 5 Oct 1884 (age 19) -; Harier1
Occupation 29 Jan 1891 (age 25) -; Ship's Steward Merchant Service8
Death "Unknown" United States of America9

Wife: Sarah Galillee NEWALL

Name: Sarah Galillee NEWALL3,4
Sex: Female
Father: Robert Homer NEWALL (1834-1880)
Mother: Ann Eliza COLGAN (1832-1869)
Birth 14 May 1862 56 Westbourne Street, Everton10,11
Residence 14 May 1862 (age 0) 56 Westbourne Street, Everton10
Residence 2 Apr 1871 (age 8) 95 Woodville Terrace, Everton12
Occupation 2 Apr 1871 (age 8) -; Scholar12
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 18) -; Dressmaker13
Residence 5 Apr 1881 (age 18) 40 Norwood Grove, West Derby13
Residence 5 Oct 1884 (age 22) Everton1
Residence 31 Mar 1901 (age 38) 67 Strand Road, Bootle.14
Death 7 Jan 1946 (age 83) Wallasey15
Burial Jan 1946 Wallasey Cemetary, Rake Lane, Wallasey (NC 16G 605)16

Child 1: Thomas Frederick SHEEL

Name: Thomas Frederick SHEEL3,17
Sex: Male
Birth "BET JUL AND SEP 1885" West Derby17,18
Residence 31 Mar 1901 64 Strand Road, Bootle, Lancashire19

Child 2: Henry John SHEEL

Name: Henry John SHEEL3,17
Sex: Male
Spouse: Nellie Sheel Nee UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth "BET JAN AND MAR 1887" West Derby17,20
Residence 31 Mar 1901 64 Strand Road, Bootle, Lancashire19

Child 3: Florence SHEEL

Name: Florence SHEEL3,16
Sex: Female
Spouse: Harry RANNARD ( - )
Birth "BET JAN AND MAR 1889" West Derby4,21
Residence 31 Mar 1901 64 Strand Road, Bootle, Lancashire19
Death c. Jan 1988 Wallasey?4
Burial 12 Jan 1988 Wallasey Cemetary, Rake Lane Wallasey22

Child 4: Bessie SHEEL

Name: Bessie SHEEL3,4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert ARTHUR (1888-1963)
Birth 29 Jan 1891 2, Gladys Street, Walton, (USD) Liverpool8,23
Residence 31 Mar 1901 (age 10) 64 Strand Road, Bootle.24
Residence 3 May 1910 (age 19) 31 Harrow Road, Anfield, Liverpool25
Residence 18 May 1912 (age 21) 8 Holbeck Street, Anfield, Liverpool26
Death 18 Jul 1941 (age 50) 26 Vanburgh Crescent Liverpool 427
Burial 1941 West Derby Cemetery, Liverpool16

Child 5: Edward SHEEL

Name: Edward SHEEL3,17
Sex: Male
Birth "BET JAN AND MAR 1893" West Derby17,28
Residence 31 Mar 1901 64 Strand Road, Bootle, Lancashire19

Child 6: Peter SHEEL

Name: Peter SHEEL3,17
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gertrude Sheel Nee UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 1895 West Derby17,29
Residence 31 Mar 1901 (age 5-6) 64 Strand Road, Bootle, Lancashire19

Child 7: William SHEEL

Name: William SHEEL3,4
Sex: Male
Birth "BET APR AND JUN 1896" West Derby30
Death "BET JUL AND SEP 1896" West Derby30

Child 8: Sarah SHEEL

Name: Sarah SHEEL3,17
Sex: Female
Birth "BET OCT AND DEC 1898" West Derby17,31
Residence 31 Mar 1901 64 Strand Road, Bootle, Lancashire19

Note on Wife: Sarah Galillee NEWALL - shared note

Sarah spent her last years in Wallasey with Nena Banks (nee MAYNARD).

The location of her grave in Wallasey Cemetary is the non conformist section NC 16G 605.


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