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Family of Thomas E ALMAN and Irene Marie ARTHUR

Husband: Thomas E ALMAN (1926- )
Wife: Irene Marie ARTHUR (1925- )
Children: Irene Lesley ALMAN (1946- )
Denise M ALMAN (1956- )
Marriage 6 Aug 1945 St Andrews Church, Muirhead Road, West Derby, Liverpool1

Husband: Thomas E ALMAN

Name: Thomas E ALMAN2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Unknown ALMAN ( - )
Mother: Unknown NEIL ( - )
Birth 6 Apr 1926 W. Derby4
Occupation -; Self Employed Post Office Worker5

Wife: Irene Marie ARTHUR

Name: Irene Marie ARTHUR2,3
Sex: Female
Nickname: Rene
Father: Robert ARTHUR (1888-1963)
Mother: Bessie SHEEL (1891-1941)
Birth 23 Mar 1925 45 Waltham Road, Anfield, Liverpool6
Occupation -; Self Employed Post Office Worker5

Child 1: Irene Lesley ALMAN

Name: Irene Lesley ALMAN2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse: Paul A HASKEW (1943- )
Birth Jan 1946 Liverpool N7
Occupation -; Teacher8

Child 2: Denise M ALMAN

Name: Denise M ALMAN2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Phillip D EVANS ( - )
Spouse 2: Martin S FLEETWOOD (1956- )
Birth Apr 1956 Liverpool9

Note on Wife: Irene Marie ARTHUR - shared note

Irene went into the post Office business with her brother Alfred Edward Arthur. They set up a Post Office in St. Anne Street Liverpool and when the building was pulled down they moved the business to Gateacre.


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