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Family of Bryan Watson MIDDLETON and Jean Amy ARTHUR

Husband: Bryan Watson MIDDLETON (1920-2006)
Wife: Jean Amy ARTHUR (1927- )
Children: Jillian MIDDLETON (1947- )
Jack MIDDLETON (1950- )
Marriage 13 Jul 1946 Liverpool1

Husband: Bryan Watson MIDDLETON

Name: Bryan Watson MIDDLETON2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Male MIDDLETON ( - )
Mother: Female Middleton Nee WATSON ( - )
Birth 20 Dec 1920 Marylebone London4
Death 6 Aug 2006 (age 85) United States of America5

Wife: Jean Amy ARTHUR

Name: Jean Amy ARTHUR2,5
Sex: Female
Father: Robert ARTHUR (1888-1963)
Mother: Bessie SHEEL (1891-1941)
Birth 7 May 1927 45 Waltham Road, Anfield, Liverpool6,7

Child 1: Jillian MIDDLETON

Name: Jillian MIDDLETON2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: James JERMAINE ( - )
Spouse 2: Terrence SPALDING ( - )
Birth 13 May 1947 Liverpool8

Child 2: Jack MIDDLETON

Name: Jack MIDDLETON2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Aileen OFLAHERTY ( - )
Birth 27 May 1950 Liverpool9

Note on Husband: Bryan Watson MIDDLETON - shared note

Refer to the notes of Douglas Arthur that relate to the watch he acquired during a campaign in the Western Desert. That watch was the start of a sequence events that affected several families over the years to come:


The parents of Bryan Middleton were friends of a G.I. called Fred Scott, who was based in England during the World War II. When the war ended Bryan's parents and Bryan's 2 sisters, emmigrated to the U.S. sponsored by Fred and his wife, Mildred Scott.


After Bryan's parents had settled there, they in turn sponsored their son, Bryan, his wife Jean (nee Arthur) and their two children, Jill and Jack, for entry into the USA.


The Arthur exodus to the US had started. It continued with Jean's brother, Ken Arthur moving to the USA, sponsored by Bryan and Jean. After three successful months in California, Ken was joined by his wife Jean, and their two daughters (Carol and Julie).


Next went sister Gladys, her husband (Stan Thomas) and their daughter (Carol) all sponsored by Ken.


If that was not enough Ken also sponsored his youngest sister, Marion Arthur and her husband (Ron).


After three months, Stanley, Gladys' husband, left the company he was working for and he, Gladys and Carol all returned to England.


Marion also went back to England and stayed with Walter Arthur for a month, then she decided to go back to the U.S.


Jean and Brian, Ken and Jean as well as Marion still live in the U.S. with their families.


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