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Family of James William FAIRBANK and Irene HOYLAND

Husband: James William FAIRBANK (1898- )
Wife: Irene HOYLAND ( - )
Children: Josephine FAIRBANK ( - )
Roy FAIRBANK ( - )
Rodney FAIRBANK ( - )
Alan FAIRBANK ( - )
Marriage Unknown1

Husband: James William FAIRBANK

Name: James William FAIRBANK2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred FAIRBANK (c. 1867-1948)
Mother: Mary Lavinia RHODES (1869-c. 1930)
Birth 1898 Norton4
Residence 12 Jun 1912 (age 13-14) 59, Mount View Road, Norton, Sheffield.5

Wife: Irene HOYLAND

Name: Irene HOYLAND2,3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Josephine FAIRBANK

Name: Josephine FAIRBANK2,3
Sex: Female

Child 2: Roy FAIRBANK

Name: Roy FAIRBANK2,3
Sex: Male

Child 3: Rodney FAIRBANK

Name: Rodney FAIRBANK2,3
Sex: Male

Child 4: Alan FAIRBANK

Name: Alan FAIRBANK2,3
Sex: Male


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5"Indenture James William Fairbank". Text From Source: The indenture (dated 12 June 1912) was a contract to work as an apprentice Plane Maker with William Marples and Sons Limited, Hibernia Works Sheffield. The contract was for 7 years and James was to be paid five Shillings a week in the first year, increasing by one Shilling a week up to eleven Shillings a week in the seventh year.