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Family of James Colville YELLAND and Lilian Joyce WARING

Husband: James Colville YELLAND (1929- )
Wife: Lilian Joyce WARING (1929- )
Children: Carole Lois YELLAND (1954- )
Debra Ann YELLAND (1961- )
Janet Elaine YELLAND (1962- )
Marriage 27 Jun 1953 St. John's Church, Knottey Ash, Liverpool 141

Husband: James Colville YELLAND

Name: James Colville YELLAND2,3
Sex: Male
Nickname: Sonny
Father: James YELLAND (1892- )
Mother: Lucy Ann FAIRBANK (1898-1979)
Birth 27 Feb 1929 262, Westminster Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool4
Christening 1929 (age 0) St. Lawrences, C. of E. Kirdale or The Methodist Chapel, Haw5
Residence 40 Thorns Drive Greasby5
Residence Greasby Road5
Residence Miles Close Greasby5
Residence Upton5
Residence 1958 (age 28-29) 20 Lloyd Drive Greasy5
Residence 1975 (age 45-46) 7 Ferguson Avenue, Greasby (Father's death certificate)6
Occupation -; At his time of retirement James was a Sales Manager5

Wife: Lilian Joyce WARING

Name: Lilian Joyce WARING2,5
Sex: Female
Nickname: Bunchy
Father: Unknown WARING ( - )
Mother: Unknown TYRER ( - )
Birth 5 Jul 1929 Dovecot, Liverpool7
Occupation -; Housewife5

Child 1: Carole Lois YELLAND

Name: Carole Lois YELLAND2,8
Sex: Female
Spouse: Kenneth William FEGAN (1951- )
Birth 28 Nov 1954 Stoneycroft, Liverpool8,9
Christening 1955 (age 0-1) St. John's Church, Knotty Ash, Liverpool 148
Occupation -; Legal Secretary8

Child 2: Debra Ann YELLAND

Name: Debra Ann YELLAND2,10
Sex: Female
Spouse: Paul ATKINSON (1960- )
Birth 22 Mar 1961 Wirral11
Baptism 1961 (age 0) St.John the Divine, Frankby10
Occupation -; Care Assistant10

Child 3: Janet Elaine YELLAND

Name: Janet Elaine YELLAND2,12
Sex: Female
Spouse: Vincent Eugene ONEILL (1962- )
Birth 14 Jun 1962 Wirral13
Baptism 1962 (age 0) St. John the Divine, Frankby12
Occupation -; Housewife12


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