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Family of Henry John SHEEL and Nellie Sheel Nee UNKNOWN

Husband: Henry John SHEEL ( - )
Wife: Nellie Sheel Nee UNKNOWN ( - )
Children: Laddie SHEEL ( - )
Irene SHEEL ( - )
Jean SHEEL ( - )
David SHEEL ( - )
Roy SHEEL ( - )
Marriage Unknown1

Husband: Henry John SHEEL

Name: Henry John SHEEL2,3
Sex: Male
Father: John Henry SHEEL (1865- )
Mother: Sarah Galillee NEWALL (1862-1946)
Birth "BET JAN AND MAR 1887" West Derby3,4
Residence 31 Mar 1901 64 Strand Road, Bootle, Lancashire5

Wife: Nellie Sheel Nee UNKNOWN

Name: Nellie Sheel Nee UNKNOWN2,3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Laddie SHEEL

Name: Laddie SHEEL2,6
Sex: Male

Child 2: Irene SHEEL

Name: Irene SHEEL2,6
Sex: Female

Child 3: Jean SHEEL

Name: Jean SHEEL2,6
Sex: Female

Child 4: David SHEEL

Name: David SHEEL2,6
Sex: Male
Residence 1998 Neston7

Child 5: Roy SHEEL

Name: Roy SHEEL2,6
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Henry John SHEEL - shared note

Henry was a director of Princes Food in Stanley Street in Liverpool. He knew Mr Weston, the next door neighbours of Douglas and Maureen Arthur who lived at 169, Brookdale Avenue, Greasby.


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