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Family of Sidney Alexander MCDONALD

Husband: Sidney Alexander MCDONALD (1914-1975)
Wife: (unknown)

Husband: Sidney Alexander MCDONALD

Name: Sidney Alexander MCDONALD1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Male MCDONALD ( - )
Mother: Female Mcdonald Nee ALDOUS ( - )
Birth 26 Sep 1914 Wallasey, Cheshire3
Occupation Electrician; Electrician2
Burial 1974 Kilkenny4
Death 18 Mar 1975 (age 60) Kilkenny, Irish Republic4

Note on Husband: Sidney Alexander MCDONALD (1) - shared note

Syd was a drummer in a band. David Arthur can remember as a child visiting 77 Dovercliffe Road and seeing his drum kit in the front room.

Note on Husband: Sidney Alexander MCDONALD (2)

Died when Joan in England for her fathers funeral


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