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Family of Walter HOLLEY and Elizabeth HODGETTS

Husband: Walter HOLLEY (1921-1999)
Wife: Elizabeth HODGETTS (1922-1976)
Children: Gerald HOLLEY (1950- )
Marriage 6 Nov 1943 St John's Church, Sleekburn, Northumberland1

Husband: Walter HOLLEY

Name: Walter HOLLEY2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Walter Hunt HOLLEY (1897-1974)
Mother: Elsie SIM (1897-1921)
Birth 4 Nov 1921 Oldham, Lancashire, England
Occupation Motor Mechanic
Death 16 May 1999 (age 77) Manchester, Lancashire, England

Wife: Elizabeth HODGETTS

Name: Elizabeth HODGETTS2,3
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph HODGETTS (1877-1956)
Mother: Mary JACKSON (1880- )
Birth 5 Jan 1922 59 South Row, Bedlington, Northumberland
Death 14 Mar 1976 (age 54) Rochdale

Child 2: Gerald HOLLEY

Name: Gerald HOLLEY2
Sex: Male
Birth 26 May 1950 Middleton, Greater Manchester
Occupation Probation Officer

Note on Marriage

Northumberland C Vol 10b page 755 Death = District Rochdale Vol 39 page 0791

Note on Wife: Elizabeth HODGETTS

last of 9 children


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