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Family of Kenneth ARTHUR and Jean Margaret OLDEN

Husband: Kenneth ARTHUR (1915-1993)
Wife: Jean Margaret OLDEN (1917- )
Children: Jean Carol ARTHUR (1939- )
Julie ARTHUR (1942- )
Marriage 26 Dec 1938 Liverpool1,2

Husband: Kenneth ARTHUR

Name: Kenneth ARTHUR3,4
Sex: Male
Nickname: Ken
Father: Robert ARTHUR (1888-1963)
Mother: Bessie SHEEL (1891-1941)
Birth 23 Jul 1915 Manningham Road, Anfield, Liverpool5,6
Occupation -; Accountant
Death 19 Oct 1993 (age 78) Los Angeles USA2
Cremation 1993 Los Angeles USA2

Wife: Jean Margaret OLDEN

Name: Jean Margaret OLDEN2,3
Sex: Female
Father: Charles OLDEN (1874-1934)
Mother: Margaret Ellen KENYON (1879-1934)
Birth 11 Mar 1917 Liverpool2,7

Child 1: Jean Carol ARTHUR

Name: Jean Carol ARTHUR2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse: David M. GUILLEN (1930- )
Birth 17 Oct 1939 Blackburn, Lancashire2,8

Child 2: Julie ARTHUR

Name: Julie ARTHUR3,4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hari RHODES (1932-1992)
Birth 12 Jul 1942 Kendal, Lake District2,9

Note on Husband: Kenneth ARTHUR - shared note

Note: (Ken's middle name (George) was adopted during his childhood for no apparent reason. When he emigrated to the USA he added the name George legally to his name).


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