Family of Thomas COLGAN and Jane BARNS

Husband: Thomas COLGAN (c. 1800-c. 1838)
Wife: Jane BARNS (c. 1801- )
Children: Elizabeth COLGAN (c. 1824- )
James COLGAN (c. 1826-c. 1886)
Mary Jane COLGAN (c. 1830- )
Ann Eliza COLGAN (1832-1869)
Susanna COLGAN (c. 1834- )
Sarah COLGAN (c. 1836- )
Marriage Unknown1

Husband: Thomas COLGAN

Name: Thomas COLGAN2,3
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1800 Liverpool3
Occupation -; Bread/Biscuit baker3
Death c. 1838 (age 37-38) Upper Fredrick St, Liverpool4,5

Wife: Jane BARNS

Name: Jane BARNS2,3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1801 Bradford West Yorkshie3
Occupation -; Ran boarding house3
Occupation -; Shop Keeper then ran boarding house
Death 45 Cambridge Street, Hull

Child 1: Elizabeth COLGAN

Name: Elizabeth COLGAN2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas ELLIOTT (c. 1824- )
Birth c. 1824 Liverpool3
Baptism 15 Feb 1824 (age 0) St.Peters, Liverpool3
Occupation -; Church teacher3

Child 2: James COLGAN

Name: James COLGAN2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maria JOHNSON (c. 1829- )
Birth c. 1826 Liverpool3
Baptism 2 Jul 1826 (age 0) St.Peters, Liverpool3
Occupation -; Coppersmith3
Residence 21 Apr 1851 (age 24-25) Bridgewater Street5
Death c. 1886 (age 59-60) 20 Greenwood Street, Liverpool5

Child 3: Mary Jane COLGAN

Name: Mary Jane COLGAN2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse: John S GALLILEE (c. 1830- )
Birth c. 1830 Liverpool3
Baptism 19 Dec 1830 (age 0) St.Peters Liverpool3
Occupation -; Domestic servant3

Child 4: Ann Eliza COLGAN

Name: Ann Eliza COLGAN1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Homer NEWALL (1834-1880)
Birth 10 Dec 1832 Liverpool3
Baptism 6 Jan 1833 (age 0) Liverpool3
Occupation -; Domestic Servant3
Residence 7 Apr 1861 (age 28) 31 Vine Street Liverpool6
Death 1869 (age 36-37) West Derby7

Child 5: Susanna COLGAN

Name: Susanna COLGAN2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse: John BARRY (c. 1836- )
Birth c. 1834 Liverpool3
Baptism 2 Nov 1834 (age 0) St. Peters Liverpool3
Occupation -; Domestic servant3

Child 6: Sarah COLGAN

Name: Sarah COLGAN2,3
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1836 Liverpool3
Baptism 23 Oct 1836 (age 0) St. Peters Liverpool3
Occupation -; Domestic servant3

Note on Wife: Jane BARNS - shared note

The census pages give two different places of birth for Jane. On two different years year it was Liverpool and another one said Bradford. I am inclined to go with the Liverpool one myself? Jane died of Dropsy and her death was registered by Mary Jane Gallilee her daughter who was present at the death.


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