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Family of James Hack FAIRBANK and Elizabeth BIRD

Husband: James Hack FAIRBANK (c. 1817- )
Wife: Elizabeth BIRD ( - )
Children: Henry Samual FAIRBANK ( - )
Forster FAIRBANK ( - )

Husband: James Hack FAIRBANK

Name: James Hack FAIRBANK1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Josiah FAIRBANK (1777-1844)
Mother: Sarah CARBUTT (c. 1783-c. 1853)
Birth c. 1817

Wife: Elizabeth BIRD

Name: Elizabeth BIRD1,2
Sex: Female
Father: Henry BIRD ( - )
Mother: -
Residence Cheapside, London1

Child 1: Henry Samual FAIRBANK

Name: Henry Samual FAIRBANK1,2
Sex: Male
Residence Hull1
Occupation -; Surgeon3

Child 2: Forster FAIRBANK

Name: Forster FAIRBANK1,2
Sex: Male
Residence London
Still living 1932


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