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Family of William EPWORTH and Gillian?

Husband: William EPWORTH (bap.aft1731, bur.1805)
Wife: Gillian? ( -1805?)
Children: John EPWORTH (1761- )
William EPWORTH (1763- )

Husband: William EPWORTH

Name: William EPWORTH1
Sex: Male
Father: John EPWORTH (1714-1781)
Mother: 1st wife UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth "2 January 1732/1733"1
Baptism btw 2 Jan 1731 and 2 Jan 1733 Morthen, Rotherham, Yorkshire West Riding, England
Burial 1805 Owston, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Not sure
Aug ?
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Wife: Gillian?


Gillian?, name unclear Wife William Epworth

Name: Gillian?
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death Jul 1805 (est) (age 60) Owston, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
"wife of William Epworth of Skellow", Yorkshire
Burial c. 27 Jul 1805

Child 1: John EPWORTH

Name: John EPWORTH1
Sex: Male
Birth 17611

Child 2: William EPWORTH

Name: William EPWORTH1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary PASHLEY (1700-1784)
Birth 17631

Note on Husband: William EPWORTH - shared note

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1"From Monica Nicholson". Text From Source: Date of Import: 11 Jan 2003